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Tony Paris Homeward Bound

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Exciting times are ahead for the new St Pete Raiders Soccer Club! After an absence of 16 months, it appears that Executive Director, Tony Paris is on his way back home from his  coaching stint in Europe, leaving behind professional Soccer and returning to the Raiders organization. Before returning Paris takes his UEFA A License course in the United Kingdom and will return directly after it’s completion.  This is the top award in the world and will better equip him to take the club to the next level. The Raiders look forward to Coach Paris once again taking a more hands on role within our club and help guide the Raiders back on track in the future.

Paris said, "I am very excited to return home to both family and to get my life back on track.  I have learned much this past 16 months and will utilize what I have been using overseas for the betterment of the club.  It has been a pressure filled environment, but would not have changed it."

Of course much has changed since his departure back in Jan. 2006. A failed merger and a regrouping of the troops which includes a strong cast of New Board members who have already began making the difference. The club once again, has vision and belief which is evident to those that have been to Puryear Park of late!

With a new position having been created within the Recreational ranks, our new Director Steve Jameson brings much experience to the fold and will make a huge difference, the club feels this will give the program exactly what it has been missing for many years now. The gap between Club and Rec is closing and the club will feel the value of this in years to come.

Ged O’Connor has moved into the Director of Coaching role and is doing an outstanding job and will now  be re-united with Paris. It will be the old partnership back in force which has stood the test of time and is well and truly back in place. Never before has the club looked so strong.

With the new Child Protection Program in place we are without doubt the leader in this area and are proud to having taken this step to ensure your child’s safety. In these times, no association can be remiss of such detail and attention.  It’s not only about soccer, but many other programs that we are looking to factor in to our club.

So, Please be sure to attend try outs . All times and specific age brackets are on our website..
We feel sure you will like what you see! 
St. Pete Raiders Soccer Club!

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