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Frequently Asked Questions and Registration Information

1 How do I calculate what age bracket my child is in? For Recreational soccer in Florida, the age group is based on your child’s age before December 31st of the current year. Ex. if your child is 7 on Dec 31st of the current year then they would be in U-8. If they were 8 on Jan 1st of the next year, then they would be in U-10.

2. Do I have to "Volunteer" in order for my child to participate?   No, each family is assessed a $20 volunteer fee with their registration(shown as service fee in the registration system). This Fee can be refunded if you volunteer for 2 hours for your club. If you choose not to volunteer for any of the opportunities presented during the season, then this $20 will not be returned to you. We are a volunteer based organization and need the help of the membership in order to put the kids on the field playing soccer. Each family is encouraged to volunteer at least 2 hours in support of your childs team and organization. Volunteer duties/opportunities will be sent out multiple times thru out the year and sign up will be thru the volunteerspot website. Please be sure to sign up to volunteer when and where you can to help us help all the children in the club.

3. Can my child play up an age group? This is possible, however FYSA’s policy that all players compete at a level they are capable of both physically and developmentally. For a player to move up more than one normal age grouping will require approval from the affiliate’s director of coaching or agent of record and FYSA Director of Coaching. Failure to obtain proper permissions may result in the player being removed from the team’s roster.
4. Can my child play down an age group? Only in special instances. Please go to the following link to read the requirements of Special Needs Players for clarification of the process to play down an age group to see if your child qualifies. Play down Guidelines
5. Can my child play with????? Special requests for your child to play with another child can not be guaranteed due to the blind draft rules of GYSA ( The rec league’s governing body ). The only way players who are guaranteed to be together are the 3 protected players of any team which includes, the head coach’s child, the asst. coach’s child, and the team sponsor’s child. All other players are randomly drawn by another affiliated GYSA club. This does not apply to U-6 age group, as there are no assigned teams so requests to play or practice together are not needed here as the groups play and practice on the same night and times. GYSA Blind Draw Rules

7. When will I know who my child’s coach’s name? Parents who volunteer to be coaches will be chosen by the Director of Coaching, Rec. Coordinator and the club board shortly after the completion of registration. We do have a Meet the Coach Day each year, you will know your child’s coach a few days before this date.

8. Can my player wear jewelry? NO. Players "ARE NOT" allowed to wear any form of jewelry while playing soccer(practices or games) for their safety as well as the safety of all the players on the field. Referees are not permitted to make any exceptions for this as it is their responsibility to ensure the safety of all players.  Those that refuse to remove jewelry when on the soccer field, will not play.

9. When will the schedule be out? The league schedules will not be out until mid to late October depending on the age group. The process for scheduling games is not an easy one and takes time as there are multiple games and multiple factors involved in scheduling the games and field use of the facility. You will be advised when the schedule is available to view, until then please do not ask.

10. Refunds? Our refund policy is such that, once teams have been formed( drawn) for the registered program, there are "NO REFUNDS" except under the following circumstances: 1. Injuries and/or Illness where the player will not medically be able to return during the current season (medical note must be provided) 2. If the family moves outside of the Pinellas County area.

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