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Remmington Pimm's Talent ID Experience!

I became curious about soccer at age eleven after seeing a picture of my grandfather when he played for The Cardiff Corinthians in the 1930's. In those days our fathers did their best job they could in coaching us and learned everything they could from books. The idea that kids could be involved with or try out for an established club like Everton F.C. was not even possible in those days. 

My son Remi found out that Everton F.C. was coming to St. Pete for a talent evaluation from a friend at Galactics.  We talked about how cool it would be to get involved and to get some feedback from the coaches. He didn't know until the day we came out for tryouts that is was actually an opportunity to be chosen to train In Liverpool with Everton. At that point Remi was excited and doing a whole lot of thinking. 
The coaches and staff were very hospitable and professional towards all of the kids and parents. It was awesome to see the Everton Logo on the clubhouse and be a part of that experience. Tosh and the coaches studied all of the drills and really watched each player intently. There were children being evaluated in all age catagories. Remi really wanted to stand out and was aware of the fact that he was one of the younger atheletes present. We were all really excited when we recieved a call from the club about Remi attending speed trials. The trials were held at an indoor facility due to the rainy weather and when the trials began Tosh put the boys at ease and congratulated them on being there. Tosh made them aware of the speed of the game and and the standards expected at the Academy. The trials consisted of a series of sprints and long jumps and the kids competing were timed and measured. Afterwards, the parents were thanked by Tosh and Tony Paris. A few days later we received an email confirming the invitation extended to Remi. When Remi got the news he actually picked his mother off of the floor in a big hug! 
 Remi trains four times a week and plays every day. He has looked up and learned as much as he can about Everton F.C. His has big dreams and goals and is driven with so much passion. He is fully aware of the prestige of the Everton Academy Program and wants to play well. The Tampa Tribune and The Everton WWW did stories on his experience so far. It is impossible to put into words how exciting all of this is for Remi and all of us. It is an amazing opportunity that is being extended by Everton F.C. through Florida's partnership in the area. Please keep your fingers crossed for Remi as he appreciates this very much.

Don Pimm
Remmington's Father

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